The Valuation Company

The Valuation Company is a valuation- and advisory firm. Our team consists of experts with backgrounds in engineering and have decades of experience. Our core focus is on tangible assets, being real estate and machinery & equipment. We have the qualifications and accreditations to perform valuations in line with valuation standards and principles. Our appraisers are accredited members of RICS, ASA, NRVT, VastgoedCert, and VRT.

Not only do we understand the technical characteristics of the assets we value, we also understand and thoroughly analyze the underlying business plan, whether it is commercial, or industrial property.

We are an independent valuation company and therefore we have no conflict of interest with third parties.

Our strong involvement in various industries allows us to maintain a specialized knowledge and database of various markets and industries. Over the past decades, we have experiences in Oil & Gas, Pharmaceuticals, Automotive, Retail, Manufacturing, Maritime, Food & Beverage, and Chemicals. Our members not only have experiences throughout Europe, but also North- and South America, Asia, Middle East, and Africa.

We provide expertise in all classifications of PP&E appraisals, i.e. land, buildings & construction, land improvements, machinery & equipment, furniture & fixtures, IT equipment, and moving materials. Additionally, specialized machinery such as off-shore rigs, aircrafts, and ships are within our scope of expertise.