Asset Based Financing is a solution for obtaining new capital

Banks can offer an Asset Based Financing – or Asset Based Loan – as a solution for the required amount of investment. In an Asset Based Financing, the financing is secured by a company’s assets. However, how do you know how much financing the assets can secure? In order to receive or provide the right amount of financing, the assets need to be valued at collateral values, e.g. the minimum value that can be obtained at a piece-meal disposal.

Depending on the role and criteria set by the finance provider, assets can be valued at Cost of Reproduction New, Fair Value, and Liquidation Value. Liquidation value can be defined as orderly or forced liquidation value.

Our valuation report can function as independent valuation support in order to receive/provide the needed financing.

Our valuations are in line with the Capital Requirements Regulations (“CRR 2013”) and always involve a RICS and/or ASA accredited appraiser.