Our Property, Property & Equipment Advisory focuses on technical due diligence and feasibility study of your real- and personal property.

Technical Due Diligence

Parallel to the usual (financial) due diligence during a transaction, our Technical Due Diligence services allow companies to make well informed business decisions based on a more technical perspective.

Technical Due Diligence is the process of systematic review, analysis and discovery of the physical characteristics of PP&E. A Technical Due Diligence can offer a prospective purchaser, occupier or financier a clear understanding of the risks associated with the transaction and the possibilities of the PP&E in scope.

The advantages related to a Technical Due Diligence are amongst other:

  • Obtaining knowledge of the current (and future) condition of the assets;

  • Establish the suitability of the property for an intended business case;

  • Identify deferred maintenance- and CAPEX issues;

  • Forecast and understanding the need for future CAPEX, investments for replacements, and investment for future growth;

  • Providing a level of certainty and foundation for negotiations for the investors;

  • Meet loan obligations, interest payments and in combination with collateral values optimize (bank)loans by reducing the risks for third parties.

Technical Due Diligence is supportive to any scenario development for acquisition purposes where it enhances risk calculations and provides business value indication.

Our Technical Due Diligence can be applied for various purposes: negotiation, internal decision making, (bank) loan optimization / bankable reporting, and scenario analysis for possible CAPEX input.

Feasibility Study

Wonder how successful your project will be from an economic perspective? The Valuation Company can support you in the decision-making process of acquiring, constructing or leasing new assets, whether it is equipment, industrial- or commercial real estate.

We can provide the following support:

  • The total estimated costs of the project

  • The financing structure and debt to equity ratio

  • Projected cashflows and profitability

  • Sensitivity analyses of the project