Our real estate valuation advisory focuses on commercial property, real estate transfer tax, property tax:

Commercial Real Estate Valuation

The real estate market is constantly in motion. Beyond that real estate is an important capital-intensive asset for companies, economic and technological developments follow each other more and more in a rapid pace. Issues such as CO2 emissions and energy-neutral constructions can have an influence on the value development of real estate.

More and more requirements are being imposed on strategic- and commercial real estate in the future. The question of how future-proof a real estate portfolio is, should be expressed in every valuation. Not only the value development of rental income is important, but also the stricter energy requirements play a role as well. Other important drivers are planning and demographic developments. That is why our appraisers are at home in these areas and thus form a valuable addition to your portfolio valuations.

Real Estate Transfer Tax

Various interests can play a role in real estate transfer tax. For example, the sale of a business or a transfer of real estate within the company group is of the utmost importance for the correct value determination. In case of a sale of a building in which both commercial real estate is situated as well as residential properties, a correct distribution of value has a major influence on the amount of the real estate transfer tax to be paid. In short, a thorough investigation into the underlying aspects of a transaction is an important part of a valuation process.

Property Tax

The value of real estate is in many cases the basis for the payment of property tax. This local taxation – in the Netherlands – is part of the operating costs of real estate. It is also normative for the degree of tax depreciation on the property. For example, property in own use in the Netherlands may be depreciated up to 50% of the property tax value. It is therefore important for various reasons that this value has been determined correctly. Our appraisers can assist you with an assessment of this value or can support you with the objection and appeal procedures.

The Valuation Company can be of service to you in all areas of real estate valuation and advisory.