Do you need transaction support?

Whether you are the acquirer or the acquiree, we provide transaction support in various steps of the process. The rate of success is more likely when entering the process with the right amount of preparation and advices. Transactions can have different purposes and objectives. Regardless of the objectives you might have in a transaction, it is important to be able to make informed decisions based on the information provided to- and prepared by you.

Our Property, Plant & Equipment expertise can offer you the support you might need in a transaction that involves property assets. Our valuation advisory offers independent, fair, and unbiased value estimations that allow you to be one step ahead of the counter party. Our Transaction Services can support you in any step of the process during a transaction, a.o.:

  • Information Memorandum; review of accurate information provided by the counterparty, e.g. does the machinery produce the actual capacity as indicated or can the real estate house the designed process and expansion as described.

  • Negotiation Support; strengthening your negotiation process by entering the negotiation with the proper knowledge of values of the assets in scope.

  • Dispute Mediation; avoid on-going discussions with no likelihood of successful agreements by engaging The Valuation Company’s independent mediation for property values.

  • Exit Strategy; know how much your assets are worth when an exit is in place.

With our independence, our Transaction Services are in no conflict of interest when participating in any transaction.