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The Valuation Company provides insurance appraisals for your property damage insurance. Without a professional building and/or machinery appraisal it often occurs that companies are under-insured or over-insured. In the absence of an insurance appraisal, when under-insured, your insurance company may, in the event of damage, reimburse the Actual Cash Value instead of the replacement value for machinery. For real estate, there is a likelihood of under-insurance and you only receive compensation for part of the damage. In the case of over-insurance, the insurance company will pay out the rebuild value and/or new value to fully repair the damage. However, the insurance company will use this as a maximum and not the maximum amount for which the insurance has been taken out. Therefore, in the event of over-insurance, too much premium is paid.


The Valuation Company is an expert in insurance appraisals. Our people are accredited insurance appraisers by the Verenigd Register van Taxateurs (United Register for Appraisers -VRT) – Insurance in The Netherlands and our appraisals are in accordance with prevailing regulations.

Real estate

For an insurance appraisal, we apply the Reinstatement Value for real estate and Cost of Reproduction New for machinery & equipment or inventory. We can also determine an Actual Cash Value for assets that are obsolete but for which insurance payment is required.

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