+ Valuation of vehicle parts manufacturer in Germany and Eastern Europe
+ For accounting and insurance purpose
+ Machinery & Equipment of four factories

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+ Insurance appraisal of a major airline in the Middle East
+ Maintenance hangars, workshops and Office Center

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Food & beverage

+ Purchase price allocation of a soybean processing factory in Egypt
+ Tangible Fixed Assets, Intangible Assets, and Goodwill

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+ Valuation of a Combined Heat and Power (CHP) plant in the United Kingdom
+ Insurance appraisal and ARO estimate for accounting
+ >1000 MW capacity

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Metals & alloys

+ Purchase price allocation of aluminum foundry in the Netherlands, Germany and Austria
+ Parts for the automotive industry
+ Foundry and CNC-machining

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+ Insurance appraisal of resin manufacturer for industrial applications in Germany, the USA, and Austria
+ Large difference between the reported and appraised values

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