Real estate appraisal

One of the specialties of The Valuation Company is real estate appraisals, in which our appraisers have years of experience. Our real estate appraisals are focused on commercial- and industrial real estate, land and land improvements. This includes factories, distribution centers, workshops, offices, retail properties, and investment objects. Appraisals of residential properties for mortgage financing are excluded from our services.

The real estate appraisals are used for purposes such as insurance (building insurance), accounting, financing, Real Estate Transfer Tax (RETT), and other property taxes.


With our extensive knowledge in machinery & equipment, a distinct separation can be made between what is real estate and what is machinery. This may prevent an overpayment of tax since machinery can be exempt from certain taxes.

Scenario Analysis

For the real estate appraisals, a scenario analysis can be included based on various assumptions that yield the highest value for the property, based on usage, occupancy, rents, maintenance, expansion etc.


The purpose, scope, and assumptions of the valuation are discussed with our client in advance to determine the preferred value premise to be applied. An appraisal report from The Valuation Company complies with the guidelines of RICS and includes, among other things, the applied value premise, definitions, valuation methodologies, market analysis and value conclusion.

Other services

tangible fixed asset valuation

Insurance appraisals

Valuation for financing

Purchase price allocation


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