Valuation for financing

When capital is raised from an external party with tangible fixed assets as collateral, a financing valuation is often requested. In the industry this is also called Asset-Based Financing. In such procedure, the liquidation value, market value free-of-use or mortgage lending value is often preferred. This gives the financing party insights into the risk of the loan. The Valuation Company can assist you in such exercise.

With the accreditations of our valuators, The Valuation Company meets the requirements set by major banks, direct lenders and other financing parties.

The Valuation Company can provide a separate valuation report for each value premise. However, a combination of reinstatement value, market value and liquidation value may be preferred in this situation. The combination of different value premises contributes to (i) protection of the investment and the collateral, (ii) insights into the current value, and (iii) the lowest value for the collateral with an analysis of alternative destination/use.

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