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COVID-19 Restriction and Appraisals

We understand the COVID-19 situation is an unfortunate event which impacts both our private lives and business operations. It is important that we follow the guidelines set forth by the Government and work all together towards a fast recovery.

In case your company still needs an appraisal of your tangible fixed assets during the COVID-19 restrictions, we might have a safe and efficient solution for you!

The current governmental restrictions and/or company policies have its effect on the way appraisals are carried out. site visits are a crucial part of appraisal project to “name, size and describe” the assets in scope. They also contribute to findings regarding conditions, utility and deferred CAPEX matters. But what if you cannot invite and appraiser on site but require an urgent appraisal.

What can we do?

The Valuation Company has efficacious alternatives to meet your requirements. Of course, all is pending on the expectancy of the restrictions. Normally we start our appraisal process with a site visit, but should we?  Given the restrictions we have re-designed our processes in order to anticipate on the COVID-19 situation. Our starting point is an appraisal in which the site visit is postponed. We will commence the appraisal based on information provided by you. As a final step we will conduct the site visit and fine-tune the appraisal where needed.

What if your timeline makes a site visit impossible? We then can perform a desktop appraisal. First matter is to have consensus with everybody involved that a desktop appraisal is acceptable. If this is the case, we are good to go. We will commence the appraisal with an extensive information request and schedule interviews with your Engineering-, Financial- and Strategic Department. We will analyze the information and benchmark the data with market findings and our internal database. Our smart appraisal models highlight deviating data and “strange looking” inputs. Such matters will be elaborately discussed during the interviews. Typical topics for our interviews are utility, maintenance policies, business plans and other relevant matters. What is important to understand with desktop appraisals is that the quality of information is vital – garbage in = garbage out. But anything is possible!


Our background in Mechanical- and Civil Engineering, Maintenance Support and FEED Projects enables us to read and understand technical drawings and documentation, thoroughly analyze P&Ls and CAPEX plans and communicate with site engineers/technical services and translate the information into the effects on appraisals.

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